Vacation Bible School Leader (VBS)

Vacation Bible School Leader (VBS)

Vacation Bible School Leader and Assistants

The Vacation Bible School leader plays a key role in directing the church’s largest outreach program for children and their families and has the following responsibilities:

  1. Recruits and screens volunteers.
  2. Works with Sabbath School counsel to develop a VBS budget.
  3. Identifies and purchases materials for VBS.
  4. Plans the VBS space—which rooms of the church will be used and for what.
  5. Plans the VBS time—the date, time of day, and program schedule.
  6. Leads the team in follow-up events.
  7. Coordination of the Vacation Bible School.
    1. Delegates leadership of the learning stations to able and responsible leaders; holds them accountable (stations include Bible learning, craft, games, etc).
  8. Makes routine staff assignments, as follows:
    1. Drama ministry—training a small team to do skits for the general session.
    2. Guiding ministry—training and mentoring teen and adult guides who are each assigned a group of five students to accompany throughout VBS (guides and assists station leaders when asked, but does not teach).
    3. Music ministry—learning VBS songs, leading the singing at VBS and follow-up events.
    4. Publicity ministry—communicating and publicizing VBS at church and in the media.
  9. Registration and record keeping—maintaining and updating student files, name tags.
  10. Welcoming ministry—greeting, finding name tags, showing where to go.
  11. Optional—safety patrol, videographer, medical, custodial, parenting seminar, photographer.

Background Check and On-line Child Safety training:
Anyone working in Children’s ministries at Cicero Church is required to complete Shield the Vulnerable which is a background check and an online training seminar (approx. 45-60 minutes to complete) before assuming role. You may contact church office or pastoral staff to arrange for training

Appropriate Spiritual Gifts:

  • An attitude of servant leadership.
  • A passion for children and children’s ministries.
  • Leadership experience in a ministry to children.

Time Commitment:
10-15 hours per month, 5-6 hours per day during VBS