Primary Department: Ages 7 – 9

The Primary program invites children in grades 2 – 4 to participate in this quarter’s study of the Old Testament Bible characters, as well as the “up and down years” of the Israelites – during their journey to Canaan. We will also be focusing on the lives of several of our Adventist pioneers.

Along with prayer and an exciting Bible lesson, the children are invited each Sabbath to sing praises to our Creator and partake in God’s “second book” through nature nuggets and hands-on activities focused on God’s creation. Learning memory verses and lesson study is also encouraged throughout the week.

Bible lessons are built around quarterly themes offered in the “My Bible First” study program. This program rotates through a three-year cycle beginning with Creation in the Old Testament and continuing through Christ’s life, death, and resurrection in the New Testament. It ends with Jesus’ glorious return to this earth to take His children home.

Our mission in the Primary Department is to introduce the love of Jesus to the children.