MMT Member

MMT Member

MMT is based on two premises:

  1. Every member is a minister.
  2. Every believer is uniquely gifted by the Holy Spirit. He or she is to
    contribute to the health and growth of the church by using the gifts that
    God has given.

Goal: To match the various gifts and passions of members with ministries. MMT will attempt to empower people to reach their unique and unlimited potential for God.

Functions of MMT:

The work of MMT includes the following:

  1. Meets on first Monday of each month to review status of ministries.
  2. Fills vacancies as needed.
  3. Establishes new ministries. Any new ministries must first be approved by church board.
  4. Evaluates length of terms of church offices. Any changes to length of terms will come as recommendations to church for vote during a duly-called business meeting.
  5. Recommends church board positions. Any changes to make up of church board will come as recommendations to church for vote during a duly-called business meeting (not a church worship service).
  6. Offers a ministry fair once each year. This helps create awareness of how one can use his or her gifts in ministry.
  7. Offers a spiritual gifts workshop twice per year. This helps members to discover their gifts and how to use them at Cicero church.
  8. Provides training and support for ministry leaders.

Filling Church Vacancies:
When filling a vacancy at any time throughout the year, the committee will present nominations(s) to church via church bulletin. There will be a first and second reading of report by MMT, with a minimal of a week between the readings. A vote will be taken at the second reading. Any concerns by members can be addressed to the chair and/or any member of MMT during the week. The chairperson must be notified immediately so that a meeting can be called to hear concerns.

Selection of new MMT members:
The MMT committee shall be made up of eight members who serve a two year term starting on May 1 of the first year and ending on April 30 of the second year. The term for half of the committee members will end on alternating years so that there is continuity from year to year. At the end of one’s term, committee members are either replaced or re-nominated for the new term. There is a term limit of two consecutive terms. A member is eligible to serve again on MMT once he or she sits out for at least one year. Whenever MMT meets, a quorum of five of the eight members are required to be present the entire meeting in order to conduct church business.

Qualifications for MMT:

  1. Spiritually mature
  2. Demonstrates ability to discretely handle confidential information
  3. Tactful
  4. Manifests the gift of discernment
  5. Displays sensitivity in dealing with church members

Who should serve?
One who is committed to gift-oriented ministry and feels that God is leading them to be part of the Committee

Time commitment:
Approximately two to four hours per month. MMT meets on the first Monday of every month. Members are expected to regularly attend to ensure that quorum is met.